I am an adjunct English professor at BYU-Idaho and a prospective graduate student interested in rhetoric and composition, feminist theory, contemporary religious discourse, and print culture. I'm also a husband, father, and writer. I've put together this site to represent the whole person at the intersection of those two selves. Here, you'll find my resumé, writing portfolio, blog, and personal philosophy.

Personal Philosophy

I live at the level of my thinking. If I can't recognize clichés, I exist in them. If I can't recognize ideology, I buy into it. If I can't tolerate contradiction, I ignore others. Opening my mind means living more expansively.


I think at the level of my language. If I can't articulate an idea, I can't think it. If I don't know a word, I don't know a concept. If I can't separate my reactions, tastes, and judgements from my culture, I inherit the ideas and ideals of a language that is deeply gendered, racialized, and otherwise exclusive.


As an individual, I am committed to reading closely, thinking critically, and working for a world based on inclusion and acceptance.


As a writer, I am committed to revealing prejudice, deconstructing privilege, and changing paradigms through criticism, creative writing, and curriculum.


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